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- The international documentaries

„Laurel and Hardy: Die komische Liebesgeschichte von `Dick & Doof´“

German TV-Version = 92 minutes

German Director´s Cut = 105 minutes

„Laurel and Hardy: Their Lives and Magic“

English TV-Version short = 58 minutes

English TV-Version long = 92 minutes

English Director´s Cut = 105 minutes

„Laurel and Hardy: französischer Titel´“

French TV-Version = 92 minutes

French Director´s Cut = 105 minutes

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- The international documentaries

„Hollywoods Spaßfabrik: Als die Bilder lachen lernten“

German TV-Version = 90 minutes

„Laurel and Hardy: französischer Titel´“

French TV-Version = 90 minutes

„Laurel and Hardy: Their Lives and Magic“

This international documentary enthrallingly and emotionally tells the story of two comedy geniuses, the worldwide most beloved comedy duo: It is the amazing and funny story of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, the story of THEIR LIVES AND MAGIC. The film light-heartedly deals with the question why Laurel & Hardy are still popular today all over the world. And it sheds light on the exciting and turbulent private lives of these “grandmasters of comedy” and the genuine friendship between Stan & Ollie, who teamed up and worked together for thirty years.

Next to numerous funny film clips from the best Laurel and Hardy movies the international documentary presents a rare look behind the scenes and lots of previously unreleased footage, such as unpublished archive footage or private photographs and colour films like the recently discovered last footage of Stan Laurel. The lovely homage to the two comedians was filmed on location in the USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, Austria, Netherlands and Germany. The documentary features interviews with Laurel & Hardy friends and experts such as: Richard W. Bann, Phyllis Coates, Booth Colman, Stan Laurel’s great-granddaughter Cassidy Cook, Jean Darling, Lucille Hardy Price, the widow of Oliver Hardy, Jerry Lewis, Marcel Marceau, Chuck McCann & Jim MacGeorge, Hal Roach, Bart Williams and many more. Even Stan Laurel’s daughter, Lois Laurel Hawes, has given director Andreas Baum an exclusive interview. That way the touching movie truly rolls out the red carpet for Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy – the undisputed masters of slapstick.

The TV version of the documentary was broadcasted in 2012 as a world-premiere by ZDF/ARTE in Germany and France at prime time and got a very high rate of viewers in both countries as well as a very positive feedback not only in newspapers and magazines. For example Lois Laurel Hawes, Stan Laurel’s daughter, said: “This is the best documentary on Laurel and Hardy I have ever seen”. Today it is broadcasted very successfully over and over again by the tv station ZDFinfo.

Feature Film (footage licensing)

Laurel & Hardy: „Atoll K.“, appr.  100 minutes, Digitally remastered Directors Cut of the US-Version

This unreleased original American version was considered lost. The movie was recently discovered in the USA and digitally restored.For the first time you can watch the most famous comedy duo of all times in the original American version – the director’s cut of their last feature movie, about 100 minutes in length.

Stan and Ollie inherit a South Sea island and an old ship from a wealthy uncle. Immediately the two of them set sail, together with a stateless cook and a stowaway. Of course, some things go wrong for the fledgling sailors. Eventually the old boat capsizes during a storm, and the crew is able to find refuge on a little island which is later christened Atoll “K.”

The stranded crew lives there peacefully like Robinson Crusoe – but naturally life is a bit more chaotic as Laurel and Hardy are part of the game ... Suddenly the male crew gets a female visitor, the singer “Chérie Lamour”,  (Suzy Delair) who has been abandoned on the island. When uranium is discovered on Atoll “K.” a short time later, the idyllic island atmosphere vanishes completely with adventurers from every possible country pour into paradise, and the super powers of this world all at once show an interest in the island. But Stan & Ollie have a plan …

The final Laurel & Hardy movie is both the most elaborate and the most expensive movie they made: A gag-packed comedy and a politically tinged satire with those two skilled comedians we are so familiar with. A must see for all Laurel & Hardy fans!

Deutsche Version

Laurel and Hardy: Die komische Liebesgeschichte von ´Dick & Doof´

Laurel and Hardy: Their Lives And Magic

Laurel & Hardy: „Atoll K.“